Scout uses industry-leading machine learning (ML) technology to power its unique Artificial Intelligent Influencer Search (AIIS) engine. Scout uses proprietary AI-technology to analyse profiles, images, text, interactions (and a lot more) to understand influencers' impact potential on their audiences' interests. 

Scout not only shows you those brand ambassadors with the highest probable impact for your campaign, but it also ranks ambassadors' unique Message Ranking based on their fit for your campaign message. Scout offers a variety of useful tools that streamline campaign management.


Discover brand ambassadors, predict impact, manage rewards and measure performance all on one simple platform. 

Why Scout

At Scout, we guide brands in the process of navigating social media marketing. We don't conform to the norm of targeting major influencers with millions of followers, but rather micro-influencers who have an affinity with your brand. These are people who enjoy your brand's products and recommend them to their followers, who value their opinions. Contact us for a simple, inexpensive way of tailoring a market for your brand on social media, using AI technology designed to find users that will represent your brand perfectly online.

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Whether you have a love for fine wine, tech gadgets, outdoor adventures, or paleo vegan snacks - when you make recommendations, people listen. You don't need millions of followers to be a brand ambassador for a brand, micro-ambassadors are the future of marketing. 

Privacy Policy

Promising to keep your data safe is something we have all heard before, inevitably companies are hacked and data is leaked or worse - sold to advertisers. Using the latest in privacy-preserving AI, we don't store any of your data beyond your initial sign up keeping you and your audience safe and taking privacy beyond anonymity. 


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Scout is a next-generation ambassador marketing platform designed to tailor a market for your brand using AI. Scout uses a cutting-edge AI Influencer Search (AIIS) engine to connect brands to clusters of micro-ambassadors that are specifically selected for optimal marketing impact. This way Scout finds the best people for any campaign. 

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