Stepping into 2021 with Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has flourished in the past 5 years and 2020 was no exception. With the entire world being isolated at home, brands increased their use of influencer marketing tremendously as it has become a quick and efficient way to reach millions right across the globe in seconds. It is important to look at how the pandemic impacted the industry as many others suffered because of the worldwide lockdown. Various trends emerged from 2020 that give us a valuable guideline when stepping into 2021 on what to follow. Referencing and their study, the key findings in the industry and important trends come from extensive research of worldwide Influencers and sponsored posts (Young, 2020).

With everyone staying home in 2020, social media usage increased to ultimate heights which affected influencer marketing content and engagement greatly. It has shown to have a whopping 57% increase from 2019. This increase is a result of various factors: Digital consumers are more aware of influencer marketing and trust influencer’s authenticity. Along with this, brands acknowledge the value of influencer marketing as it supports brand values and connect with consumers on a more personal level than traditional advertising.

Another factor that should be considered whilst entering the influencer marketing industry in 2021 is how Generation Z has been a value part of social media. Gen Z alone has proven to increase market share by about 9% in 2020 and is shown to be the highest-earning influencer demographic so far.

TikTok was probably the biggest social media buzz of 2020. The growth of this platform basically forced brands to have to take part in the 30 second video fun as TikTok influencers immediately took a step into the market and reached millions of viewers last year. Sponsored content on TikTok increased by 130% in one year and as more brands are encouraged to join the platform, this percentage is expected to keep growing in 2021.

Scout embraces these trends as we step into the influencer marketing sector in 2021. Through our AIIS system, these trends are considered when searching for potential users who promote brands. In the digital marketing era, it is important to stay in touch and up to date with pop culture and marketing trends to stay relevant and valuable to brands who utilise our state of the art machine-learning services.

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