Why #Hashtag-Marketing is Important

Hashtags are used by everyone and for a good reason. They remain the most crucial part of social media marketing. By simply adding a hashtag to your social media you can increase your reach and brand awareness.

Types of important hashtags

1. Branded hashtags

Branded hashtags are the easiest and the most underrated hashtags. They are simply hashtags that include the name of the brand. It is a great way for users to find content related to your brand. A brand's hashtag should be used on every post as it creates a community and can be applied to any social media post.

Example: #ScoutCloud

2. Campaign hashtag

Campaign hashtags are used by brands when they have specific campaigns that are currently running. They are used to gain social media attention, create engagement and drive traffic to a product or company. It is important that the campaign message is being communicated through the hashtag and not just the brand itself (Hashtag Marketing Tactics That Actually Work, 2021).

Example: #WeTalkWine

3. Community hashtags

Community hashtags are a great way to connect like-minded users for a specific subject. These hashtags still include the brand in some form, but are used by the consumers on photos that feature the brand. Community hashtags improves searchability, allows you to gain followers and grow your own community. It allows a brand to build a community around the customer base (New Rules for Instagram Hashtags: How to Find the Right Hashtags for Business, 2021).

Example: #Scouts

4. Trending hashtags

Trending hashtags is a strategy that brands use to jump onto hashtags that are currently trending. These hashtags are short lived and fast-paced and need to be timed perfectly to get the impact that is wanted. If a brand uses these hashtags correctly their exposure payoff can be enormous (Hashtag Marketing Tactics That Actually Work, 2021). Example: #SoccorWorldCup

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