Why Scout is Perfect for Smaller Brands 

Influencer marketing has taken the industry by storm and is now an established form of online marketing. Influencers, as we know, are people who have a following in a unique niche and affect the purchasing power of individuals. Their audience trust their opinions and value the brands they promote.

Although, when people think about influencer marketing, they think of celebrities promoting million-dollar brands. This is influencer marketing but it’s not what it is limited to. Smaller companies can also get involved in influencer marketing, by targeting Micro-Influencers who have the same target audience as they do and may even have the same affinity score even though their following is sufficiently smaller.

By using clusters of Micro-Influencers, brands could save millions on marketing tactics as these influencers will not ask for a paid partnership agreement, but will appreciate being sent a free product in return for a few social media posts. This creates a win-win situation for the influencer, who is receiving a free product for the small price of promoting it to their followers, and the brand who is receiving engagement for a fraction of the price traditional advertising will give them.

Google ads will charge a brand more for exposure. Many young startup companies with a small budget cannot afford this tactic. This is why Scout is beneficial to smaller brands stepping into the market, unable to drop a large budget on marketing. Sending out a few free samples of your product is the smallest price a brand can pay for the engagement it brings on social platforms with the use of Micro-Influencer marketing.

Scout’s AIIS engine finds these influencers who are real people with real passions for products and match them to the right brands. This process identifies and analyses profiles, images and text interactions to understand the impact and influence of their audiences’ interests. Scout partners the brand with the perfect influencers, creating exposure for the brand in the most authentic way through creating the perfect alliance where everyone receives an award. A win-win situation!

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