Why your Brand Needs Scout’s High-Tech Influencer-Marketing Tools

Updated: Feb 21

It's not a new idea of establishing your brand online. Most companies are well aware of the effects the internet can have for their business, whether it be generating more leads or clients, the internet has become the number one tool for marketing and growing your brand image.

Yes, some may still open a newspaper, drive past a billboard or see your advert during a commercial break on tv, but if your brand isn’t established online in 2021 you may want to dip your toe into the digital field.

Most brands have well established and beautiful websites already where a lot of potential consumers or clients will stumble across during a Google search, but mega social platforms are emerging and brands have jumped onto the bandwagon when it comes to social media branding and marketing.

If your brand already has a well-established Facebook and Instagram page, you are on the right track! However, the influencer marketing trend has started peeping its head over the industry for the past few years and have emerged into being one of the most sufficient and budget-friendly marketing strategies today. Well-established influencers have amazing impression and engagement rates as millions of social media users follow and engage with posts made by influencers they look up to.

At Scout, we build upon that philosophy, but look at it a bit differently. We believe that real people with true followers have a bigger impact on a consumer’s buying decision than a known influencer who posts about hundreds of brands. According to a report from GWI, over 45% of each generation ranging from Gen Z to Boomers follow friends, family and acquaintances rather than famous influencers (GWI, 2020. Social media by generation),. This is especially true when considering older generations who relate and have a greater affiliation to people they know personally, trusting their opinions and recommendations.

Scout uses a state of the art artificial Intelligent search engine to find the best ambassadors on social media to promote your brand. Like a dating app, we match your brand with your perfect ambassadors: people who are interested in your products/services and have an actual affiliation with you! These content creators are specially picked for you to work within a cost-effective way as only small rewards are required to make them happy and in love with working with your brand! Scout’s ambassadors are easily satisfied and produce incredible content for your brand to sit back and enjoy as their followers learn about you and decide to support your brand further.

Don’t fall into the trap of the Kim K’s and the influencer bubbles, give our philosophy a try and reap the rewards that follow.


GWI, 2020. Social media by generation. [online] London: GWI. [Accessed 27 September 2021].

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